MIA Classmates “AKA Missing Classmates” – 20

missing-youWe are missing several classmates from 1994 that we we would like to invite to our Reunion. Can you help us out? Please leave a reply below in the comments field or send an email to kempsvilleclassof1994@gmail.com. Thanks! By First Name







Albert Mebius
Alisha Brimhall
Amanda Czahor
Amy Austin
Amy E. Owen
Amy Foy
Amy Rafal (Dara)
Arn Moeun
Bonnie Fertitta
Bryan Greeves
Bryan S. Peele
Cassandra Berg
Catherine Bradshaw
Charles K. Riffle
Charlie B Paschall
Cherrie R. Quigg
Chien Chien Goh
Chris Dement
Chris Duncan
Chris Fusco
Chris Murray
Christel McMillan
Christopher Gustard
Christopher Hannah
Christopher Neronski
Clinton Hearne
Darlene Byas
Deborah Burd
Deetra Foreman
Diana McGraw
Donna McAteer
Dung Nguyen
Edward Baydowicz
Elizabeth Randolph
Eric Gottfried
Erica Flowik


Gabriel Baez
Geoffrey Hedgepeth
Gregorio J Ross
Gregory Erb
Heather Ennis
Heidi Crook
James Henderson
Jamie Fuoco
Janna Russell
Jason Haining
Jason Nickerson
Jeffrey Doolin
Jeffrey McCormick
Jennifer Flint
Jennifer Golombek
Jennifer Harrison
Jeremy L. Reed
Jeremy Peirce
Jody Crum
Joey Farmer
John Curtis
John W. Rockwell (smiles)
Jonathan Blair
jonathan Graham
Joshua A. Rode
Joshua Matson
Julian G. Reynolds
Karen Holland
Kelley McCullough
Kevin Munsey
Kim Danielsen
Kimberley Aukland
Kisha Dodson
Kristi R. Owens


Laketia Ransom
Linda McGraw
Lorenzo Rodriguez
Lori Cohen
Marcello Hernandez
Margaret Brown
Margaret Hollies
Mark T. Renfro
Mathias Gehl
Matthew Bliefernich
Matthew Farr
Matthew Harper
Matthew M. Page
Matthew Morris
Matthew S. Robins
Melissa Miranda
Michael Eason
Michele Brochu
Miles Garbee
Monique Bellamy
Nancy Bogan
Naomi Anderson
Nathan Butler
Omar Custis
patricia Gale
Patrick Carroll
Philip Majewski
Randi Heller
Ray Brewer
Rebecca Boone
Rebecca Holland
Regina Avila
Renardus Glover
Richard Carlton
Richard Hoffheimer
Robert Clark
Robert Culp
Rodney Agustin
Ryan Moore


Sarah Bailey
Sarah Grills
Shannon Crowder
Shannon Monk
Sharalee Dolan
Sharla M. Popadak – Sharla Marie
Shawn Duesberry
Shawn Molter
Sherry Rayfield
Shilo Driscol
Stacey Baker
Steve Miller
Susan M. Roncinske
Terry Morton
Theresa Mones
Timothy Andrews
Todd Davidson
Todd Rice
Tuan A. Pham
Victoria Crawford
Victorio McGuinn
Wendi Ahlemeyer
Wes Ewell
William McClung
Zachary V. Parks

Comments (3)

  1. Jennie Spears April 15, 2014 at 8:27 pm Reply

    I have contacted Melissa Miranda and Alisha Brimhall. Neither have Facebook. They are both trying to come and have website info.

    • bradlaw April 17, 2014 at 5:29 pm Reply

      Thanks! Ww want to make sure everyone knows!

  2. Jennifer Golombek July 29, 2014 at 1:52 am Reply

    HI there,
    I will not be able to attend the 20th reunion with Kempsville, but if anyone would like to contact me at the above email address that would be great!! It would be nice to catch up on old times.

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