Incredible Weekend – Kempsville High School Class of 1994

Brian Bello with Todd Goldsmith and 19 others

Wow. Incredible weekend. Far too fast.

Thank you for coming and being a part of it.

Even though we have gone in different directions in life, we all share something in common: we grew up at Kempsville High. That school will forever be a part of us:
The walls.
The books.
The lockers.
The sports.
The music.
The activities.
And most importantly, the people.
It’s why we took a short break out of our busy lives to relive some moments and rekindle old friendships, and maybe even start new ones.


Many announcements. THIS IS LONG BUT PLEASE MAKE SURE TO AT LEAST READ THE LAST ONE. We promise these announcements are coming to a close (at some point):

1. Please post your pictures of the Reunion on this group page. It will be easier for everyone to see and to keep track of them down the line.

2. In the next week or so, we will post the slideshow and the professional photographer’s pictures.

3. We will maintain this group page, the, and the email address Unfortunately, we cannot change the Facebook group name at this point, it will always be “Kempsville High -20 year reunion.” Apparently you can’t change the group name after the group size exceeds a certain number. (what up wit dat?)

4. Shout-out to Chris Lane (Class of 1992) and CP Shuckers for Friday night. They gave us mad discounts on everything.

5. Thank you to Tim Wolf, Student Activities Coordinator at Kempsville High. He led the tours and had the Booster Club sell us shirts and sweatshirts for $5-$10. The proceeds go directly to scholarships. We also donated $300 as a class. If you are interested in donating more to the school or buying some Kempsville gear, please direct message me and I can give you the information.

6. Thank you to Phillip Andrada and Emer Lunasin who gave us a break on the equipment rental for Saturday night. Phillip actually DJ’ed our prom May 14, 1994.

7. We missed you Lisa Echea Yonke. Even though she couldn’t make it, she converted her family’s VHS copy of our graduation to DVD so that we could have it on one of the small monitors Saturday. Thanks Lisa!

8. Thank you to our faculty that came and helped with the door: Dr. Barry Graham, Dr. Louis Tonelson, Ms. Ellen Pitt, Ms. Amy Follante, Ms. Pat Jones, and especially Ms. Charla Baucom who helped us track down the faculty.

9. Thank you to Lesner Inn. Food was good and the venue was beautiful, and they were more than accommodating when it came to working with our budget.

10. Shout-out to Lynnhaven Fishing Pier. It was perfect fishing weather. Please message Kimberley Browning-Logan if you want a complimentary 3 day pass (can be non-consecutive days)($30 value) good until November 2014.

11. Thanks to Dennis Ortiz Class of 1993 and Stef Reyes (Salem Class of 1993) who gave us invaluable advice.

12. The Reunion was attended by around 165-170 people. Forty people came Friday alone, plus around 125-130 for Saturday night.

13. The Reunion Committee. I have been getting a lot of recognition for planning the weekend but this was a total group effort. Many people to thank. Big committee. Everyone played an important role with planning and brainstorming for the last six months. Cheryl Mccadden helped to get things started by creating the Facebook group page. Dara Bazar Tucker and Cheryl O’Flanagan Roberts couldn’t make it to the Reunion but still contributed ideas and researched venues. Meredith Mixner Moore helped get things started and pushed for Lesner. Kelly Woolard Welch helped message people, provided comic relief and was the bouncer Friday night. Sheila Bogott Johnson, thanks for being supportive and for having a backup projector handy. She almost got the Densons there too. Kimberley Browning-Logan researched venues, messaged people, and organized and planned the Sunday event. What a call on the fishing pier! Josh Hughes had a great deal of ideas, started to get people talking on Facebook, researched equipment and was the first person in and the last person out this weekend making sure everything was running smoothly. Thanks as well for helping with decorations. Yvonne McKinney Kramp was in charge of decorations on a very tight budget. Everyone thought the centerpieces were awesome. And a very nice memorial. SUPER special thanks to Corrina Ark Nelson, Brad Law and Todd Goldsmith. These guys were right there the entire time doing the work. Tons of ideas, keeping us on the right track, keeping us motivated and most importantly keeping me sane. Cannot thank you enough. Brad Law built the website and found a photographer on short notice. Corrina Ark Nelson helped message peeps and she and Jim built the playlist. Todd Goldsmith organized and planned Friday night and much much more. Thanks brother. Last but not least, I would again like to thank my very understanding wife Grace Ahn (Poquoson Class of 1997) who has been incredibly supportive through this entire process, all while mothering our two young children.

14. Oh…and one more thing. Save the date: August 2-4, 2019.

Reunion Committee